V2 under W98SE w OpenGL ?

Hi there,

I got a problem [why else should I post here ]…
My Voodoo2-card works properly and so does my 2D-card, a Hercules Terminator 128. The Problem is, there seem to be OpenGL-Drivers for both cards on my system - Now most game and apps don’t offer me to choose which card to use but simply use the primary card - and that’s my 2D-Card. So most games and OpenGL-based Apps run VERY VERY SLOPPY…
So, what is it that I can do now ? I want to deactivate or deinstall or whatever the OpenGL for the HercTerm so that the automatically choice the Voodoo2…
The same problem exists when running games with Direct3D - they often dont let me choice, too, and I can only deactivate BOTH cards…

Please, help…

hey rename 3dfxv2.drv 2 3dfxv2.bak
this should solve it!

thx for your reply.
But I think you misunderstood my last posting because of my terrible English
I wanted to deactivate the OpenGL-Drivers of my Hercules-Terminator so that the games are “forced” to use the Voodoo2OpenGL