UV coordinates for texture maps?


How do I get the correct UV coordinates if textures are used to represent the different (multiple) maps? Like if a certain texture is used for the diffuse map and another for the normal map, where do I get (from the .dae file) the UV channel that would go with each?

Any related information/references would be greatly appreciated as well (:


The spec is out of date and incomplete when it comes to texture mapping. The 1.4.1 release notes have an updated description, including a full example. Search for “bind_vertex_input”. That element maps a string given in the <texture> element of an <effect> to a specific set of texture coordinates.

<instance_material symbol="mtl" target="#material_id">
    <bind_vertex_input semantic="diffuse" input_semantic="TEXCOORD" input_set="0"/>
    <bind_vertex_input semantic="normal" input_semantic="TEXCOORD" input_set="1"/>