utilizing 10 bit DACs, flipping at vblank?

Is it possible for opengl to operate in the following manner?

  1. pre-create two scenes, then alternate between them every vertical blanking period of the monitor

  2. utilize a graphics card’s 10 DACs such that, for a given color channel (i.e. red) there are 1024 intensities displayed simultaneously

  3. update the graphics card’s palette during each vertical blanking period

This probably sounds strange, but it’s for a psychophysical testing application. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sounds like you’re trying to give someone a seizure…

  1. You could probably find a way to accomplish this, but you could not necessarily find a way to guarantee the image was switched each interval unless you’re not modifying the scene and you set up to preserve the backbuffer.

  2. Not really. You don’t have that level of access. If a card already supports 10-10-10 RGB as a native framebuffer format, then you might be able to just use that. No gurantees, though.

  3. Paletted color is not really supported anymore. You can accomplish pretty much the same thing using 1D textures, though.

Hopefully helpful,
– Jeff