UT Skybox, how is it done!?!?

Well if you fly throught the map (as ghost) in UT you’ll see that the skyboz is actually a small box drawn at a distance from the game map.
I believe they render the skybox with a camera that can rotate but that is fixed in the center of the box. After that the view from the players camera is rendered.

Donno if its some sorft of dubble buffering. But how do you render something and then render of the same frame again without losing the previous frame. With this done you can have an HUGE world but with a small skybox, this saves some texture memory.

Hope you’ll understand what im trying to tell, but does anyone know if its true or that my theory is correct??

If you center the skybox with the player position, that’s you want to explain ?

hmm thats alot easier … i think lol


No i meant that 1st render the view in the skybox. and then render the playerscam. I got it (sort of)

skycam.glLookAt(); // Skycam
glCallList(Skybox); // draw skybox

glCamera.glLookAt(); // PlayerCam

But now only the skycam rotates but the playercam is fixed. I can move but the mouselook doesnt work.

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Oke i got it.

The skycam is a copy of the normal camera, but i have removed the keyboard movement functions. In the mouselook function i had SetCursorPos(width, height). Width and height are the window size.

First i update any mousemovement in the skycam but i dont set the cursor in the middle yet. Afther that i update the playercam and in the playercam i do set the cursor in the center of the window.

The result is the UT skybox


damn not quite yet. the size of the skybox has influence in the drawdistance.

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Damn im quick i solved that one 2

void DrawScene()




Can you post some screenshots ?


Here are the UT2003 screens (they used the same method in the 1st UT) Type “ghost” in the console command for noclipping mode and fly around and outside the map 2 see what i mean.

Normal sceen as you would see during gameplay

Screen outside the map, still a normal skybox

You can see the map with the skybox

Here we see the actual skybox, it a small box a close 2 the map.

Here we see it again.

And here is my version, use the UT2003 textures
My Screen

The skybox has a size of 1.0f while the grid you see it 20.0fx20.0f. I alwasy wondered how Epic did that (i didnt know anything from opengl programming then) and now i have my own

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Damned, looking good man.

But the last screen is taken from your engine ?

Are you using Pixel Shader for the water or it’s a streched texture ?

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Yeah the last screen is from my engine. I dont use any shaders, the textures are like that. (Extracted from UT2003)

It’s possible to follow your project with your website ?

I’m programming an engine too and I make my maps under UnrealEd 3.0, I export them into .t3d file and I clean the file with my own program for keeping only what I need.

Here’re some screenshots :

The T3D Converter :

The T3D Engine :

The MDL Loader :

The MD2 Loader

The MS3D Loader

The Engine (map global view)

As you can see, I’ve many things to fix for the models loader because the fog is not applyed on them so many many work for only one man (me )

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“t’s possible to follow your project with your website ?”

Not yet, I was planning to do it but i dont have much time for maintaning my website.

this is my website, as you can see its till under contruction. from tha day i put it up lol 06 october 2002 lol.

But soon i will start with it cuz i have lots of work that i want to show and need some input about them.


WOW your engine is really kewl and your working with UnrealEd 3.0 to. I never got the hang of it (UnrealED) so i make all my stuff in 3ds Max and use it with a 3ds importer ASE or a complete opengl converted code. Im still stugglin gto get a good importer that has all the animation data. I got FlexExporter and it exports fine now i need to write/find an importer for ir

I’m only one in the team so I program in my spare time but it’s ok for me, I’ve posted some “Job Opening” but nobody respond me

Maybe my website or my project is not cool enoug for recruiting people.

So if you can use 3D Max, I think that MS3D can import/export the 3DSMAX Models so if I need help for making a few models, can you help me ?

Sure no problem

What is the link 2 your website, i would have responded to the “job opening”