/usr/include/w32api/GL/glu.h:68:79: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token

hi, trying to use this tutorial (Basic OpenGL) on 64-bit windows 8 with netbeans and cygwin 4.8.1.

this occurs many times, but the first on is on this line: void APIENTRY gluQuadricCallback(GLUquadric *qobj,GLenum which,void (CALLBACK *fn)());

any pointers will be appreciated.


including windef.h gets rid of the compiler error messages.

i am left with a bunch of undefined references like: glfwInit

Have you tried compiling like this?
g++ filename.cpp -lopengl32 -lgdi32 -lglfw3dll -lglew32s

thanks, but it’s been too long, i can’t even find that code anymore.

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