using VBO for dynamic data

not for the fft library I saw with automatically generated c files full of unrolled loops…256 would be a bit restrictive.

Korval, yes that was a serious question :slight_smile: I knew that ansi C said I think that limit was 6 chars and I read in MS docs that their C++ compiler supported like 255 chars or some large number like that. I was just wondering if I missed C++ specs somewhere and now from what you told me I hadn’t. I don’t think it’s even mentioned in C++ standard that it’s a vendor defined value though.

About this gl thing. Clearly, few of us have problems with the way gl does things. It’s not entirely end of the world but it does make game making a bit harder when the ihvs shift the platform under your feet like this. I’m ok with them making things more efficient but when they swing in the other direction then I have issues with that. I can no longer rely on a base hw target anymore. A 3x speed slowdown like adrian experienced is not a laughing matter. I’m talking about changing game content to meet the speeds and also not knowing how or if this will effect me even more. This is simply uncertainty and nobody likes that.

I don’t care what MS is doing with DX 10. We’re in gl forums and god knows MS screwed up with their dx more times than I can count so let’s not praise everything they do as technological marvel. Btw, after crying foul MS finally opened an ear to us an finally put some quality people on their C++ team. It just shows you how out of touch they are on some things.