Using SharpGL with VS2015, C# and winforms applications

I’m just getting started with OpenGL and am not able to get anything to work. I am using VS2015 and SharpGL. I can get all the required SharpGL .dll files I need but I can’t get a project template for SharpGL into VS2015. As a result I can’t even get started and nothing works. How can I set up a project template for SharpGL in VS 2105 for winforms applications using C#?

I’ve looked at the sample programs provided by SharpGL for a winforms C# application but since I can’t set up a valid project template in VS2015 I can’t duplicate them.

I’m sure this is stupid issue but I have been working on for days.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Solved the problem by going to VS2013 which had an extension package for SharpGL.

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