Using OpenGL in Web Pages

I have written this great animation that I would love to run whenever anyone opens my web page. Is that possible? If so, how would I insert it into html (or Frontpage - I use both).


What do you mean by ‘animation’ ?
Did you do a program that uses OpenGL to display an animation ? Or did you create an animation file (AVI, MPEG) using a program ?

In case you have an AVI file, you can include it with Front Page using Insert / Active Elements / Video.

If you made a program, you’ll need either to record the animation itself in AVI format or, more complicated, write an ActiveX version of your program. Then, you can insert your ActiveX component in your web page as you do for a Hover Button or any other control…

In any case, you’ll probably have further questions, so don’t hesitate to post them here !



I must be tired : I forgot the title of your post which mentions that u want to use OpenGL in a Web Page !

Then, you have to create an ActiveX component to display your scene within your web browser…

I must warn you that it is not that simple !



Another way can be to port your program to Java. In this case, your applet can run on any platform with OpenGL drivers.

Ah yes, I did not think about that (although I hate Java !).

Thanks Bob !


There is a lib in Java with which you can make this : GL4Java. It is very similar to OpenGL (since it is the official port of OpenGL to Java), but the browser needs to have the plug-in in order to display your app (it also support OpenGL drivers for your 3D card if you have one). If you don’t want any plug-in, you’ll have to write a 3D engine in Java yourself…
Look at and you’ll see what a 3D engine in Java can do !

>> …since it is the official port of OpenGL to Java…

I was wondering if you could point me to the section that specifies GL4Java as the ‘Offical Port’ of OpenGl to Java. I have been looking for information on how to go about using OpenGL with Java, but all I could find was meetings notes about the proposal process and the 3 API’s in consideration for official status. It would really help If I could narrow down which API to use (particularly since I am using Magician right now).