Using OpenGL in Delphi


I’m pretty much a newb with Delphi 7, but guess what? That’s what I have! Could someone please tell me how to get Delphi to use OpenGL commands? Thanks!

There’s tons of stuff around on getting started with Delphi/OpenGL … I’d suggest that you start with this site …

And here’s a few others …

There’s a good beginners book by Jon Jacobs that introduces OpenGL in a Delphi environment … basic but solid !

I’d recommend avoiding component suites, it’s essential that you understand the foundations before exploring stuff like GLScene … excellently written, supported and powerful … but not yet.

I’d also suggest that you consider what and where help/information will be available … there’s tons of links on Google, so use the net search tools and posting such a question into this newsgroup is offtopic and unlikely to produce many results … I seldom pass through this newsgroup !

Best of luck …