Using OpenGL for a window management system

I have an existing small 2D window system (SDL, C++) and I am thinking of adding OpenGL support in order to speed it up and reduce programming errors.

What I do is redraw all objects that have changed to separate surfaces and then determine all rectangles on the screen that have to copied to the graphic card.

This requires a lot of calculations of which rectangle overlaps which other rectangle and slows down the engine especially if a lot of things are moving.

My question is:
Can OpenGL help me in this regard and how much programming would be involved? (Does OpenGL/the 3D card provide ‘out-of-the-box’ support for clipping/overlapping/redrawing and do I only have to provide all objects with their current texture?)

Thank you in advance :>

  1. GL is for rendering points, lines, triangles.
  2. I don’t know how much programming would be involved. Look at tutorials.
  3. Clipping : yes.
    Overlapping : yes. The depth buffer.
    redrawing : it is your job to tell it to draw.

so check out some tutorials.