using NV_register_combiners

Please help me out of this compiling problem!

OS: Redhat Linux7.2
erro message: implicit declaration of function `int glCombinerParameteriNV(…)’

I checked and saw that “GL_NV_register_combiners” is defined.

Do I need to find out the address of this function before using it? If yes, how?

Thanks for helping!

You need to include glext.h.

Thanks dorbie!
But still I get similar compiling erros.

I tried including only <GL/glext.h> at first, but function “glCombinerParameterXX” is still not defined. And then I downloaded and included “glxext.h” into my file, now it is “glxext.h” causes the problem.

Can you give me suggestions on this?

It works now!

before including <GL/glut.h>
and don’t need “glxext.h” at all!

Ahh… not everyone used GLUT, but that’s good to know.