Using Multiple Texture Units

I’m developing a shadowing application which requires the use of multiple texture units (when using Textured Models)and I’m coming unstuck with how to use them when using Shadow Mapping.

Basically I want tex0 to be the model texture and tex1 to be the shadow map which is projected over the model/scene.

I’m doing :

for each light {
set to light position
set up tex gen on glActiveTexture(GL_…1_ARB)
set to cam position
set up hardware shadow map filters (COMPARE_R_TO_TEXTURE, etc)
disable tex gen

My question is how do you use glActiveTexture() and when to use them when switching between textures. Because I get a black artefact across my scene when I try to use multitexturing. At the moment I’ve got nothing but textureless boxes :frowning:


If you are getting artifacts then it is probably due to precision issues. Have a look at which has a tutorial, although using fixed pipeline.

There is nothing special with glActiveTexture.