Using Mouse application in some defined area

I have made an appliction in which I will be using mouse click to display some content(more geometric objects).But here I want to restrict the area for my mouse click.Like I have created a 3D object .I want that the further contents shud get displayed only when I click on my parent geometric object only.

So how can I give my coordinates for mouse functionality?

Thanks in advance.


Maybe you should consult the NeHe OpenGL^Win32 web page I know there is a tutorial about the picking (interactions between mouse and object)
If not, try to consulte the OpenGL RedBook on this website


Thanks Gollum but there in Nehe’s site I haven’t found anything related to my query as I want that my Mouse click(whether right or left) shud be recognised only in some defined area.

Can I define that area in my code so that the mouse click is recognised in this predefined area only and no where else.

Thanks in advance,

Why does it matter WHO ignores clicks you don’t want? Can’t you the filtering in your app instead of in ogl?

Hi !

Just check the coordinates before you use them, if they are outside the area drop the mouse events.



Ya Mikael u r true that we shud use the co-ordinates.But if I choose the range for x,y & z co-ordinates(Screen Co-ordinates) and then click outside this range then also the event takes place.I also tried with object co-ordinates but doesn’t satisfy the functionality I required.

Can anyone tell me what co-ordinates do I need to specify :-
Object Co-ordinates or screen co-ordinates or Mouse Coordinates or sumthing else…

Or is there some other technique?