Using Itermediate Representation binaries


has anyone done this yet? I wasa trying to get an ir binary running that was produced with intels offline compiler. clCreateProgramWithBinary worked fine, clBuildProgram breaks without an errorlog returning CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE. I don’t have a clue what went wrong. I just know the .cl code i used to run the offline complier works without any prblems.

Glad for any hints,

Hi Ambit,

I dont understand what you mean with your for loop, but I know that I can get the binary code with clGetBuildInfo. Problem is, that this is a binary, build for a specific device. IR Format should not be for a specific format. Instread of that, it should just translate in a vendorunspecific binary code that will be loaded and compiled faster that the standard char* code loaded from an array. Or do you know how to get the IR from the clGetBuildOption?

Spec 1.1 says:

The bits returned
can be an implementation-specific
intermediate representation (a.k.a. IR) or
device specific executable bits or both.