Using Input In OpenGL.....

How can I use Input in OpenGL so I can move on to making my character moves in OpenGL. I need to know How to do Input so I can move on to making a game.

This is off topic for this forum.

Now that I’ve slapped your wrists, some of your options are, glut, or DirectInput.

OpenGL only handles graphics, not input, sound, networking or whatever else you want. It just draws what you tell it how you tell it. For input i would recommend DirectInput. Its easy to use and can handle all kinds of input devices.


You guys making it sound Like i didnt know OpenGL dont handle Input, Sound, Network and all those other things…Im not a begginer, Im more like Intermmediate. But I need to know What can I use for Input like Im trying to learn Direct Input right now but so fare im not getting on Sh** from it :-(. Can you point me to a link that will help me to learn Direct Input thank you.

The way you phrased your question, it sure did sound like you didn’t know what openGL was.

Anyway, they DID tell you what to use, as for more links, ever heard of google? Enter glut or directinput and you will have enough links to keep you clicking all day.
If you want, you can also get the DX SDK for example code.

DirectInput is simplicity itself to use.
It’s also extremely well documented.
You are either lazy, or stupid.
…or, you haven’t even seen the dx8 sdk, so here’s the link:-

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After trying everything else (GLUT, SDL, DirectInput etc) I found GLFW and it has been the best choice for me.

If you want something that does input, creates OpenGL windows, changes video mode, runs cross platform, requires no dll’s and is very small… it is perfect…