Using GLEW or GLee with DevC++ or CodeBlocks, OpenGL 3.2+

I have struggled with getting modern OpenGL (3.2 or better) to compile properly using Dev-C++ or CodeBlocks with little success. The old GLEW 1.5 works, but nothing later than that. (I should use 1.7 if I read correctly.) Thus, everything is fine up to OpenGL 2.1, but anything beyond that is just plain impossible.

I have excellent results with CodeWarrior, but that is discontinued and no option for my students. VS also worked, but isn’t everybody’s choice. Dev-C++ hasn’t been updated for years, so I can happily ditch that, but CodeBlocks should be current.

What IDEs would you suggest for modern OpenGL, for students? Let’s say alternatives to VS, that are easy to set up and get going with.

GLEW should build fine under C::B, I just downloaded version 10.05 and
glew source 1.7.0 from sourceforge, then imported Visual C++ glew_shared
project from directory build/vc6 in glew source tree.
I removed strange linker option --image-base 0xblahblah from linker settings,
and dll compiled just fine (and should be usable)