Using gcc/g++ to compile c++/GLUT program with glPointParameters extension

Hi, I have been writing in c++ using GLUT and I would like to use the glPoint Parameters extension, as in the “pointblast.c” demo by Mark Kilgard… However it seems that if I include any function call to a point parameters function like “glPointParameterfv(…” in a c++ program (as opposed to a c program), the compiler gcc or g++ can not find the function. it reports:
error: `glPointParameterfvEXT’ undeclared (first use this
A simple demonstration of the problem is that on my computer, i can compile pointblast.c with gcc and the program works, but if I rename pointblast.c as pointblast.cpp, gcc reports the error cited above and compilation does not work.

So if you can give me a tip about how to solve this problem I will appreciate it…

sorry for my previous post
I have just searched the archives of this forum and found the answer here under the topic “problem compiling with g++”:;f=4;t=000377

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