Using CubeMap faces as 2D textures

It’s posible to use the cube map faces as 2D textures, without texture coord generation?.

Short answer (unless you can be more specific): no.
A cube map is comprised of 6 2d faces but it is always addressed with a 3d vector.

[ | vector_math (3d math library) | software renderer ]

Maybe you want to use glTexCoord3f manually ?

Well, I post this beacuse when I started to read OpenGL2.1 specifications there is a section with this statements:

  • An image is a 2D texture
  • A cubemap have 6 images
  • A 3DTexture is a collection of many images

So I thought that maybe there is a way to load only ‘Images’ and then use something like

GLuint glCreateCubemap(GLuint texojb, GLuint* faces);
GLuint glCreate3DTexture(GLuint texobj, GLuint* layers, GLint depth).

Or something like that. We could save a lot of space with that. I’m dreaming too much?:S

You don’t say what you are actually trying to do. How should we be able to help you then?

If you need 2D textures, then use 2D textures.
glCreateCubemap and glCreate3DTexturedon’t exist. If you want to learn to use cubemaps, has demoes.
The SDK contains a lot of demoes and is large but you can download some of the demoes one by one.