Using 1.2 on MS Windows?

I have just finished reading the red book. I am using VC++ 6.0 which comes with opengl 1.1.
I have searched the internet for hours and i cant find no update for windows up to opengl 1.2! please tell me if you know where it is. Thankx

PS. I am desperate to be able to play with image subsets and multitexturing.

Hi !

All existing versions of Windows comes with a software OpenGL version 1.1, to get something else you must get drivers for your videocard what ever it is, if you have that then comes the next problem the OpenGL headers with MSVC is for 1.1 so you don’t have the extensions in there, try to get headers from the vendor of your videocard.

If you don’t have the hadrware to use it, then you can download Mesa ( , but this will only give you software rendering so it’s not as fast.


for multitexturing you can use the extention
GL_ARB_MULTITEXTURE. You can find all information and implementation of all extension in

How generic, aka compatible, is MESA? I would like to know from experience. Could it be used as a replacment for MS Ogl 1.1?

MESA is fully compatible with OpenGL 1.3. But if it’s a good replacement for MS’s implementation is up to you to decide. MESA can’t handle hardware specific drivers. In other words, you are limited to it’s sofware rasterization.

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the good info… Personally, I’m a generic kind of programmer looking to avoid hardware compatibility problems, so generic is good; if that means software implementation, then that’s the price (slower execution of instructions) that has to be paid.