User Interfaces/Windowing Using OpenGL ES?

I’m interested in efforts that are using OpenGL ES for developing mobile device user interfaces, or full blown window managers.

I’d appreciate links to any known work currently in progress or anything you can provide.


Hi, Im currently doing my master thesis on the subject, so Im also interested. Im doing optimizations in rendering for user-interfaces, using OGLES 2.0, so Im looking for creative solutions in UIs using shaders. Anyone have any pointers?


Various companies are already working on advanced UIs using OpenGL ES acceleration. Such as:



This is mainly using current available OpenGL ES 1.x based hardware. For ideas related to OpenGL ES 2.x look into Windows Vista user interface and Linux projects such as Linux XGL.

Pretty good overview is available here:

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That’s funny because Im doing my thesis at TAT :slight_smile: and using Img. technology.

But thanks for the links. I will look into them.


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