User defined quad strip object

So I’m building this code for a class, and I’m not that good at OpenGL, and my focus isn’t OpenGL, but I need to pass this class.

Anyways I have been tinkering with this code for a little bit, what I have to do is create a rotating quadstrip object, that is defined by mouse-clicks in the first window. I have the second window up, but the the idle function won’t kick in to redisplay it until I have clicked on the first window and then back on the second window. I also can’t get the line on the first window to go all the way from the top to the bottom. These are my problems for now, after I get through these, I can go on to work out the mouse clicking and drawing the quad strip object.

Well I figured out how to get the line to go from top to bottom, but I’m not sure why it did it. I used the following code

I want to know why those numbers gave me a line down the center, they obviously aren’t pixel positions because my window size is 500,500

Ok, I’m focusing on the menu, can anyone help me with making one?

well I got the menu operating, but the only thing I have working that I needed was the exit option, I still need the reset object option and the switching between the x and y axis option, but I will implement those when I get those functions up.

Now I need help with the mouse clicks.

I am slowly figuring this out, but it would be so much helpful if I could get someone who can help me rather than Google-ing the topic and testing code till I get something that works.

Google-ing the topic and testing code till I get something that works

Great, that is how learning works : search, test, tweak, loop. Some understanding helps too.

To be honest I am not sure how it is possible to help you, as the info you posted is very vague. And spoon-feeding lazy people with code is not as rewarding as unlocking a motivated beginner that almost made it, but with a tiny mistake.

Now I need help with the mouse clicks

You mean the multi-window idle update not done unless you click on several windows ?
What windowing system do you use ? GLUT ?

Sorry for being vague. Yes I am using GLUT. And with the windows, there are only two, and I need the one displaying the quad strip object to keep revolving, even if I click on the other window.

In the idle function, do something like :


(based on code here that sound almost like your current code base)