Use a left-handed coordinate system

…like every 3D application on the planet does. Please.


…like every 3D application on the planet does. Please.

You realize that turning a right-handed coordinate system into a left-handed one is just negating a column in a matrix, yes?

Also, there are plenty of applications that use a right-handed coordinate system.

I’ve been using a left-handed coordinate system in OpenGL for ages.

in renderman we can use left/right hand easily. In opengl, why can’t we have ?

See Korval’s post. Your premise is false. You can – easily!!!

That’s like saying why can’t we use 2 component vectors in Direct3D or OpenGL. Again, premise is false. You can. :wink:

This problem is clientside. I mean there’s no need to change OpenGL API to add an ability to negate a matrix column. You can easily do it yourself. You do add one number to another without change in OpenGL API ))