Usage of glMultiTexCoord with OpenGL ES


I am wondering how to use glMultiTexCoord with OpenGL ES?! As far as I know, it is possible to do multitexturing without the above function. But for what reason does the above function exist? Normally, using this function, it is possible to pass a texture coordinate per vertex. But this does make no sense as the vertices are always passed in a list in OpenGL ES. So in my opinion this function is obsolete.

Can someone clarify and help?!

Thanks, Norbert


okay, I see one usage for it:
Using glMultiTexCoord, the texture coordinates for the vertices are all set the same. This would result in using a specific pixel of the texture and draw the triangle/face with the same color of this pixel.


Yes, the reason glMultiTexCoord, glColor and glNormal are still included is to set per-primitive vertex attributes (like glVertexAttrib in OpenGL ES 2.0).

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