Usage of cl2.hpp

I am working on Vitis 2020.2 to create an application for a zcu102 board which combines software execution (in a ARM Cortex A53 microprocessor within the zcu102) and execution on FPGA (using Programmable Logic resources from the zcu102). The programming language used is C++.

To trigger hardware modules implemented on FPGA (the “kernels”) and to communicate these modules with microprocessor, calling all of these operations from the “host code” (executing on the aforesaid microprocessor), I’m following a tutorial which requires using OpenCL (via #include <CL/cl2.hpp>). However, when I type that #include and I build the app, it happens the following errors coming from the “CL/cl2.hpp” file itself.
If I replace “CL/cl2.hpp” with its old version “CL/cl.h”, both files coming from the same package and being in the same directory, I have no building errors. Nevertheless, I still need to use the “cl2.hpp” version.

Any idea about how to solve this “CL/cl2.hpp” issue?


i had some trouble also a while.

It may look like tou CL.h is not comptible with CL2.hpp.

that works for me ;))

cl2.hpp 2008-2016 and cl.h 2008-2018

I do not remember where i have found the rifgt directorie to donwload. But it is from Kronos ;))