Urgent | project idea for final: Please review my idea |

Hi guys!

I need Ideas for my final project in Computer Graphics.
My prof needs something that we havent done in class to be there in the project.
We covered basics of shaders, projections, textures, shadows.

Here’s what I have planned to do:

I want to make a house that has 4 rooms each depicting something unique

room 1: fountain and coin flip in water, splash water , etc

room 2: fire place with chimney on the ceiling , smoke effect, flame effect etc

room 3: is the bed room with a quilt, a book shelf, a rug and windows with blending effect
window will look transparent
quilt will ripple with wind/ touch
on click, a book can be picked from shelf
sunshine and sun set can be viewed from window on mouse click
navigation in room

room 4: has particle collision depiction in the form of basketball tribbling and bouncing , hitting all four walls on mouse click/ key press

Can you please sugggest more effects that can added in order to make it a grad level project ?

I need to make it HUGE N AWESOME !!!

this is average level according to my prof, please suggest

appreciate the help !!!

Thanks !!! :slight_smile: