URGENT Please Help ONE NIGHT LEFT! Windows Vista

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the alarming title,
but I just bought my first laptop Today and OpenGL is NOT working and I got only ONE day to fully test and ask for money back (tomorrow midday is my last chance to ask for refund as I am traveling at night and it’s Saturday).

I bought a Packard Bell Laptop 36-U with 2GB of RAM, Intel Core Duo 1.86Ghz 1.86Ghz, 32 bit operating system, 120 GB Disk,
ATI Radeon XPress 1100.

(Prebuilt with Windows Vista Starter. )

I am not able to run ANY of the OpenGL I developed under WinXP.
Applications run, but before rendering, they crash without a error number and a generic Windows message.
I also tried with some OpenGL demos that are not mine.
A very simple demo worked, a complex failed (same error).

DirectX apps seem to work though.

I updated my drivers with ATI,
I got now (using GLInfo)OpenGL Version 2.06388. Still not working.

My question is:
Does the computer have a problem? Or do applications with OpenGL have to developed completely different for Vista (explaining why my developments and foreign demos do not work)?

Or do you think that if install Windows XP the problem would be solved? The thing is there are no official drivers for XP…

Should I return the Laptop to the vendor and get another?
They told me that the ATI Radeon 1100 was the most powerful video card at that budget (against NVidea GeForce 6050 and Intel based).

Please advice me,

Thanks so much,

Funny number :slight_smile: I guess you have a driver problem. With cards that you describe you won’t have any fun with opengl anyway, so if you care about it, get a laptop with more or less decent graphics card.

Thanks for your fast response.

I am right now switching to XP to test my luck.

How do you know that number is not valid?

I want a card that would at least run my developments a lower fps, but run at least, so that I can experiement with shaders. It’s a temporary solution. GeForce 6050 and ATI XPRESS 1100 (also called 200M) are comparable?


You’re right. It’s a driver problem.

I managed to install WinXP, and without graphic drivers my programs run altough with only OpenGL 1.1 support.

After installing drivers OPenGL version boots up to 2.06388 and no opengl apps work.

Anyone had this problem with ATI Xpress 1100 or 200M?
I tried all drivers and none seems to fix this problem…

By my own experience, Ati and OpenGL dont work well together. I’m not sure if the support is better now but I’ve had several problems trying to run any OpenGL application with my Radeon X800 XT (at least under windows, under Kubuntu it works fine)

The only way I’ve had some success under windows is with the Omega Divers (a tweaked version of the official drivers) which allow me to run most applications, but once they get a bit complex it start running slow again.

If you are going to use opengl to program 3D applications, I’d recomend you getting a laptop with an NVidia graphic card.

The ATI Xpress is a very low-performance part. It’s not much better than the Intel GMA (except it kind-of supports GLSL, which GMA doesn’t).

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