urgent help : no texture , no graphics then wht?

Hi i need an answer to the question urgently

you are attempting to render a texture‐mapped model in a 3D world. the model is shown but the texture is not visible, how would you debug the problem? if neither the texture nor the model was being shown, then how wud u debug?

The first thing I’d do is make sure I enabled texturing. Then I’d make sure that I created and bound the textures properly, then finally made sure that I specified texture coordinates for the model.

Disable everything that has to do with texturing. It is important to debug in small steps. First make sure that you are able to correctly render the model before looking into texturing. To achieve this:

  1. Disable lighting.
  2. Check the model.
  3. Check camera/matrix setup.
  4. Check model loading.
  5. Check that your model data gets correctly send to the graphics card (if you are using VBOs, try it with VAs instead; if you are using VAs, try immediate mode; if you are using immediate mode and it does not work the fault is somewhere else)

Replace the model by a simple quad with unit texcoords. Get the texture working with the quad, then try again with the model.

Forget about texturing and get that model on the screen first. Then goto Step 1.

And if it’s urgent, first of all, take a short walk in the woods.