Urgent help needed. How can I use the glutBitmapCharacter to display ints? mdog1234?

mdog1234, you some code for me, which will use glutBitmapCharacter to display char*. I’m trying (with no luck) to rewrite that function so that it will display integers (>9999, that is over 4 digits long).
How can I rewrite this function (below) to accept and display integers.
I’d really appreciate your help.
Thank you,

void Text: rintText (void* font, char* string, int x, int y) {

if (string && strlen(string))
	while (*string)


You have to use a function like itoa to convert say a int to a ascii number or use sprintf.

Note itoa is not a standard C/C++ call (windows), for linux use the sprintf

int score;
char txt[32]; // space to put the converted data

itoa(score, txt, 10); // base 10 conversion

printText (…, txt, x, y);


sprintf( txt, “%6d”, score ); // 6d = 000000 convert to six digits max

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[This message has been edited by nexusone (edited 10-24-2003).]

OK, thank you for the help.