URGENT !! glutidlefunc in VB6

im tryin to use the idle function in VB6 and m just not able to get it up & running. are there any thingz that i need to take into consideration? i am using the callback function in my initialization routine where i set up my pixel format and the other basic stuff.

I think there is no function in VB (and in QT for that matter), which can do excatly what glutIdleFunc does.

The work around is to use a timer with 0 timeout, It will be processed only if there is no other event to be processed.

Two things to note:

1)I had asked the same question few weeks back, so u could have got the answer by searching OpenGL Advanced message board.

2)Ppl here HATE words like Urgent, Plase Help, etc.

  • Chetan

i am absolutely novice in vb so i can’t directly help you, but searching in google returns:
just to name 2 of the first hits…
i think you should found some examples there! good luck!

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