upside down coordinate system

i have a problen that the coordinate system fliped on me and i don’t know why.

checked the projection and it seems o.k.
when drawing the vertices (they get the right coordinates) they appear on the opsite side of the screen!

up turned down, right turned left and front became back!!!

does someone happen to know what i might have done wrong.
(i can’t figure it out)


So are you saying that if you have something at (-3,4,2) you see it at (3,-4,-2)??

Here is a tip, the “camera” is actually the inverse, so if you move left, the world is moving RIGHT…

thanks zapo,

you’re right, the “camera” is the inverse,
which means that the world is not upside down,
the coordinate system i used to design my world was
the opposite to that of the opengl.

you can’t imagine how much time i spent on this…