Upgrading Opengl 1.1 to use the ARB extensions...How?

I’ve been looking all day and all night, and finally decided to post the question here. My question is, how do I get the following to work:
the extension GL_ARB_multitexture,
the procedure GLActivateTextureARB,
and the procedure glMultiTexCoord2fARB.
I’m looking for a list of necessary *.h, *.lib, and any other files to get the above extensions and procedure working ( I’m not looking for the manuals), and locations where I may find them. I downloaded glext.h, but of course, it only defines the procedures and variables. On top of this, I get an error that something is declared multiple times within glext.h. I’ve heard OpenGL 1.2.1 has the ARB functions built-in, but I haven’t been able to find this version of OpenGL. I’ve already checked the download site here, but found nothing. In any event, any help would be much appreciated!
By the way, in case it’s of any use, I’m not using GLUT, and I am
programming in Borland C++ v5.02.

Give up that Borland crap :slight_smile:

Anyway, nVidia has a good primer on how to
find and use extensions on their web site.

PS: If you get a compile error with an
additionalheader, how about reading the
compile error, reading the header, and
fixing it? Headers are just code like
anything else.

thanks for the reply, bgl.
Unfortunately, I’ve been to the link before, and it didn’t resolve my dilemma. I may be COMPLETELY wrong here, but I’ve been under the impression that extensions themselves were actual files, similar to libraries. The link you gave me, along with everything else I’ve been able to find, are only extension specifications, manuals about specifications, or links to extension specifications, not the extensions themselves. If you, or anyone, can give me some feedback here, it would clear up a lot.
In addition to this, I’ve heard a great deal about OpenGL 1.2.1. Apparently, the multi-texturing ARB extensions are now built into opengl. However, along with my inability to find actual extensions, I’ve also been unable to find this version of opengl. Even this site only has version 1.1 for downloading. Again, any information on this would be of great help.

To use ARB_multitexture you don’t need any extra .lib files. What you need to do is register the extensions during run time. I’ve written a header file that makes this simply a matter of calling one function, and it then does the rest for you. If you want it, e-mail me at jordanisaak@hotmail.com and I can get it to you.

OGL1.2 doesn’t yet exist for Windows afaik.
An extension can be as small as a single #define. Many can be used as simply as glEnable(GL_FUNKY_STUFF_EXT);
Go here for example code showing how to use multitexturing and lots of other stuff.