Updating to OpenGL 2.0 gives problems


I have to use gl_ModelViewMatrixInverseTranspose, but the compiler gives the error “undefined variable gl_ModelViewMatrixInverseTranspose”!
Now, this was with the 67.42 drivers on a FX5200Go.
It’s on a notebook and now I’ve found that there’s a new driver on the manufacturer’s site (hey once a year)! Updating now to 78.11 the shader compilation worked!
Great? No! I’ve been waiting a long time for a new driver (now OpenGL 2.0) and this one even supports FBOs! But not only the performance of my apps has dropped by factors of two to five, some apps (using rtt and GLSL) don’t even work anymore!
Did this happen to you too? Is there a list of features which have changed, so that the adaption can be done efficiently?


Maybe 78.11 are not good! Visit www.laptopvideo2go.com and download latest NV moded for laptop users (for GO chip).

I have 5600Go with 78.01 without problems.