Updating OpenGL?

Alright, so I had Windows 7 Home Premium on this oldish laptop I’m using. I upgraded to Windows 10, the went to Ubuntu, and am now back to Windows 7. There’s this game I would always use to play on Windows 7 the first time around. (Bloons TD5 Steam) and it worked flawlessly. I upgraded to Windows 10, it stopped working. It isn’t available for Linux. So now I’m back on Windows 7, and it says I need to upgrade my OpenGL to atleast 2.0, as it’s currently on 1.1. The computer has an Intel Celeron 900, and the driver utility says that there are no available drivers for my product. Help?

on second thought, this laptop is pretty damn old. We received it in June of 2009.

What video hardware does it have? “OpenGL 1.1” invariably means that it’s using the software-only implementation that’s built into Windows. If there’s an upgrade available, it’s going to be part of the video driver from whoever made the video chip.

Nowadays, everything has some form of 3D graphics acceleration, even if it’s only the “Intel Integrated Graphics” that’s part of practically every Intel CPU. As for when that became standard, I’m not really sure.

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