Updating OpenGL

First off, I have NO experience working with OpenGL. All I have done is basic Windows troubleshooting and internet searching. I have an ATI 9200 SE and all of my OGL games (Jedi Academy, COD, Quake III ect…) get screwed up. The refresh rate gets bumped down to 60hz and the resolution is all messed up.

I have the latest version of ATI’s drivers, but when I check the driver info in the games, it says I have OGL v1.3. I have searched all day trying to find an upgrade with no luck. I did find out that JA requires OGL v1.4.

Anyway, can anybody please help me out with this problem? I can play the games, but it is quite irritating.

FYI: I tried GLsetup.com with no luck,so they must be down.

Reading my post I saw that I never really asked my question. How do I go about updating/upgrading to OpenGL 1.5?

The only OpenGL version you get is the one implemented by your video driver. To answer your question, no, you can’t update to OpenGL XX if your driver does not do it.

Anyway, Gl is not DirectX, and OpenGL 1.1 with plenty of extensions can be better than OpenGL 1.5 ! The version numbering is not very important.

Does that mean I am just up the creek without a paddle? Do you have any advice on how to go about fixing this issue?

>>Do you have any advice on how to go about fixing this issue?

What ‘issue’ are you actually talking about ?

When I play any OpenGL games based games, my resolution is all screwy (looks squished sideways)and the refresh rate is bumped way down (bad flickering).

Thanks for the responses and any help you guys can give.

For the ‘squished’ display, adjust your monitor.
For the low refresh rate, I have seen some drivers tweaks that are able to set the default refresh rate.
For quake 3 based games, you can set it up within the game, by using the console :
r_displayrefresh 75 (instead of 0 -> 60 Hz. You can set more, but I did not seen a difference in my case)
vid_restart (to apply this change)

This setting may or may not be saved, so add it to an autoexec.cfg or something.