Updated Information

As a developer I don’t like marketing too much (well, I don’t like when the marketing people thinks they are the ones that rule the company and that the developers are people that don’t understand their fantastic ideas and people that always have delays).
But I know that at least a little, good and no over-promising marketing is good. The OGL marketing is inexistent or very poor: no news to the development community about new supported features (accelerated or extensions), no news about work in progress and so on. When you hear about OGL programmers (in every newsgroup, mail list or forum) they think things like OGL is abandoned, that there are no improvements, that it is slower that other APIs. And when they ask questions about it, they have no ARB or licensed company answer so they think that their feelings are confirmed. It is worst with non OGL programmers or newbies. Even for the informed OGL programmer is very difficult to get information about this.
If you visit the ARB page on opengl.org (http://www.opengl.org/developers/about/arb.html) the last information you find is the March meeting (9 months ago). This is something that a serious company can not admit and if OGL (or SGI as owner) admits that, then the conclusions of those programmers can be true or at least they are legitimate.
It’s no only important to think in future OGL features but it’s very important that the people knows that they exists and they can use them in order that the API evolves.

– Carlos