Update OpenGL version?

Is it possible to update the OpenGL version on your computer? One of my computers has version 1.30 on an Intel graphics card, and is too crappy to play games on because of that. Is there some way I can get it to version 1.4 or better?

And, can I update the OpenGl on my other computer (ATI technologies Inc. -2.05.5885 WinXP release)?

Sorry, just realized this was in the wrong section.

OpenGL implementation on Windows is provided via the graphics card driver. Download the newest driver from your card’s manufacturer and you shoudl befine. Intel is not well-known for his good OpenGL support, but I don’t know what features they provide. With an ATI card, you should have OpenGL 2.0 (with newest drivers). Hovewer, this also strongly depends on your card (older ones won’t support newer functionality).

Hope it helps…

so, Intel.com?

drivers for ATI are at ATI.com, For Intel cards check intel.com

Darn, only supports up to version 1.3…I guess I’ll have to get a new graphics card, and a new motherboard so I can get a new graphics card :@

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