update opengl to version 3.1

how does the update-procedure works to programm with the new version of opengl?

which files have to be downloaded?

OpenGL comes as part of your video drivers (unless you want to use software rendering)

So simply update your Video drivers and you will have it. (need a fairly decent video card however)

To access the OpenGL 3.1 features you will have to load the entry points manually.

I have found SDL and freeglut to be good ways to get an openGL context. SDL has the best tutorial. Freeglut is good but lacks a good tutorial for ogl3.2.

Take a look at SDL

or freeglut and you will need the Testing Release “Freeglut 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1”. This has a new API function that gives you ogl3 context = glutInitContextVersion.