Update a texture3D with a texture2D

In my application, I want to update a part of a 3D texture (a plan of this texture) with a 2D texture. Is it possible to do that without having to reload the texture ?
For better performance, I want to avoid to change manually the array pixel and reload the texture.
Perhaps using the fragment program, but how ?

Have you tried glTexSubImage3D() ?

Yes, I ned something like that, but glTexSubImage3D copies an array of pixels into a portion of a 3D texture, and glCopyTexSubImage3D() copies the frame buffer. But I want to copy a 2D texture into a 3D texture, without having to put the 2D texture in the program memory, which slows the execution…

maybe you should look to “render to texture” but i don’t know if it works for 3D texture.
i don’t think there is a solution without the system memory.

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render to texture works only for textures 1D or 2D, that’s why I want to render to a 2D texture, and update the 3D one.
But perhaps I could have the solution with glCopyTexSubImage3D and reading into the pbuffer… (I need also a 128 bits buffer, so I must use a pbuffer to render)

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it should work fine.

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