(unwanted) vertical lines?

Hi guys,

In one of my programs, I seem to get strange vertical lines (at certain places only) when I move through my world (texture maps had random strange vertical lines when I rotated). Very strange. Anyone else had this same problem?

I’m using Borland C++ 5.5 with SDL. Problem appears both on my dad’s machine (Windows 2000 with a Hercules NVidia MX400) and on mine (Windows XP with integrated video card). Screenshot is here

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Z-fighting ?

Hmm… considered that, but my prog is a very simple one… texture-mapped walls, with the walls sharing vertices, that’s about it. No problem with one hall, but when I turn the corner, there the lines are in the other hall.

Z-fighting would be more of an issue if I try to hang a poster on my walls, right?

I updated the pic on my website; can access from the same link as above. Now you see seven vertical lines to the middle/left of the snapshot… (my texture maps don’t blend perfectly, so the discontinuities to the left and right of these lines are simply a result of my poor choice of textures… will fix soon.)

Am a newbie OpenGL coder; please don’t flame me too badly.



you may see curved lines when you are far away from objects for which you use high resolution textures. unless you generate mipmaps for those textures.

oh sorry- should have taken a look at the screenshot first…doesn’t look like a mipmap problem.

since it looks the same on two different machines, “different” operating systems and different graphic chips, it could just be a bug in your code. my first guess is that for some reasons the texture coordinates are wrong.

can you post some code?

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