unsure about my camera model

hi to all

i would like to get one or more comments on my implementation of a 6dof camera model

i am creating a standard orthonormal basis system (hope i got this right 'cause english is not my native language and this math stuff is not quite the same in every language)
i am meaning three vectors perpendicular to each other
for rotation i use a matrix for rotations about an arbitrary axis where the rotation axis is one of my vectors
for movement i just move along the vectors
to get rid of round off errors i normalize my vectors and just rotate one vector and rebuild the other using the cross-product
testing with just displaying the vectors gave me very good results, but i read in a paper about the rotation matrix that using the rotation around an arbitrary axis is ok for rotating models but not for implementing a camera without stating any reason why
so now i am unsure about really implementing it
from my tests it looks all quite ok and i do not have any problems with gimbal lock

so please tell me what you think about

thx in advance

p.s.:i also looked through this quarternion stuff and although i just gave it a short glimpse it looked much more complicated than my method

unless your working on a program which needs quarternions or your really interested in maths i wouldnt bother as they just add more code and can slow it down.

For the camera if it works it works, and i see no reason why it shouldnt.