Unsupported Video Cards for Windows XP

I am a user of a voodoo3 and a stealth s540, I want to know when there is going to be some support made for those. I am a big tribes player and i wanna use my voodoo3 and my stealth (Diamond Stealth 3 S540) with it, but I cant, theres no OpenGL Driver support for the Stealth and no Glide Support for The Voodoo. WHen is this going to be fixed. (i am aware glide is different and its not open gl)

PLZ respond quickly

It’s not up to the developers of OpenGL to make drivers for those older cards. That responsibility lies with the manufacturer of the video card. I would suggest using Win98 instead of XP, or upgrading to a more modern, supported, video card.

For your voodoo card try this website for Xp Drivers WWW.voodoofiles.com but be careful this drivers are drivers made by other ppl. So if you install this drivers and things starting not to work you may not find the right support.