Unreal - OpenGL - Answered!!!!! - Other Questions Answered too!

I know this is an old game, but its still a classic and still fun to play.
I have an nVIDIA GeForce4 MX420 PCI and previously had some seriously problems with the game using Direct3D AND Software rendering. In 640x480x16bpp, usually averaged about 15fps… That is horrible. Well, I found an OpenGL patch for the game that fully works! I found it on filefront.com. Go there and download this file opengldrv2.1.0.5.zip and follow the instructions in the readme file.

Also another problem many people encountered in Unreal using Windows2000,XP had sound static issues. This is caused by an option in the unreal.ini file that uses DirectSound. The Option is by default (This is under the Galaxy Audio Subsystem Set):

[Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem] (or something)

Well… Change it to “False” to gety rid of the static problem.

I believe this also works with DeusEx, though I haven’t tried it yet; I also had the static problem in there too… Pretty good chance that it works.