Unreal II and OpenGL

Hey, I’ve bought a Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440 64mb, and have been playing Unreal II with Direct3D support with horrible results. Even though my comp exceeds the recommended requirments for the game it has a slow frame rate and choppy graphics. It used to be like that with a lot of my games until I started using OpenGL and realized that it makes them ten million times faster. Anyway, I know Unreal II has OpenGL support, but how do use it? On most Unreal-esque games there’s a window that pops up asking what you would like to use, but no such luck with Unreal II. If anyone knows how I change it please let me know. Thanks!

Unreal 2 is based on a new 3d engine that is based entirely on Direct3d.
Unlike in the old Unreal 1 engine, there is no OpenGL support.

I was doing some rummaging through the files in the Unreal II system dir and in the startup.int file it says:

FirstTime=Unreal2 First-Time Configuration
SafeMode=Unreal2 Safe Mode
Video=Unreal2 Video Configuration
RecoveryMode=Unreal2 Recovery Mode
Detecting=Detecting 3D video devices, please wait…
SoundLow=Low sound quality
SoundHigh=High sound quality
SkinsLow=Medium detail player skin textures
SkinsHigh=High detail player skins
WorldLow=Medium detail world textures
WorldHigh=“High detail textures”
ResLow=Low video resolution
ResHigh=Standard video resolution

D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice=Use Direct3D hardware rendering. Compatible with newer video cards like the Riva TNT, ATI Rage 128, Matrox G400, and S3 Savage4. Not recommended for use with earlier video cards–use the Software Renderer if you have an ATI Rage Pro, Riva 128, Intel i740, or Rendition V2200.

OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice=Experimental OpenGL support. This is provided for testing and experimentation, but has known compatibility issues with some drivers. Use at your own risk.

There’s some more at the bottom but it’s not important. I thought it was weird that it was in there since like you said, there should only be Direct3D support for the game.