Unix >< Mac conversions

Hi, could someone aid in my enlightenment re- Unix to Mac conversion of OpenGL?
I’m working on SG’s at Uni and a MacG4 at home, we’ve just begun using GL on my course and I want to be able to develop stuff at home then transfer it to Uni and viceversa.
I’ve got the Mac 1.2 release and put it in the correct place, it appears to be linked to with no prob’s…now it seems its ‘just’ the differing header names etc…I’m getting errors for things like glutMainLoop, glutKeyboardFunc, glutReshapeFunc, glOrtho, glutCreateWindow, glMatrixMode, glViewport, glutDisplayFunc etc…etc…

I’d be most endebted if anyone can offer assistance.
Many thanks

Assuming you are using CodeWarrior, make sure you have the OpenGL SDK folder in your System Access Path. Then add the OpenGL stub libraries to your project (and the glut libs and res files if you are using glut, which it sounds like you are). If you still have problems, just open up one of the sample projects that come with the OpenGL SDK and you should be able to figure out what is wrong. Also, if you’re using GLUT on the Mac, prepare for random things to not work and/or crash on you :O)

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