Universal build

Simple question about building universal.

There is an universal sdk that has the glut and opengl frameworks. Yet, there is also the standard install of these frameworks in my g5 system directory. Which should I include in xcode? Or does it matter because they all have the same header files anyways?

Set the compiler architecture to ppc and i386. Set the cross development target to 10.4 universal. Check…

It builds and runs on my g5 but just want to make sure about the framework stuff.

Hmm, the program uses glOrtho to create a menu display with a single polygon and a texture. That is, the polygon faces the eye directly. But it appears blurred for some reason. I suspect it might be a universal issue? When I run from xcode linked directly to the sdk its clear. Yet, when I make a double clickable app ( I suppose it uses the system folder ) I get a blurred texture. But using otool -L shows the binaries point to the system directory.

I read in the texture with quartz from an adobe .psd file.

Include the ones from /System/Library; the SDK setting will override that absolute path and take the ones from the SDK you’ve chosen.

Any differences you see between running in Xcode and running from the Finder are not related to linking (in both cases the application will link to the frameworks in /System/Library at run-time. The frameworks in the SDKs are just stubs).

Set the frameworks back to the system folder and the project build without any problems.

I figured out the blur issue. Way back when, I set a profile in the ATI preference panel specifically for the stand alone application. So, the behavior was different from my xcode execution. All these application overrides are one big ticket for tech support calls. ( on top of it there is a glut preference panel too )

I have another question about the Accelerate framework. I assume that if I use the vForce.h calls they are going to abstract away the altivec and sse hardware for me? That is, the universal app should run without issues on i386 and ppc? eg. vvcosf .

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