Uninstalling Open Gl

I am using Linux Mandrake. I need to completely uninstall Open Gl (all of the directories, programming lines that are in files, everything. If someone know will they tell me how to do this?

I am using Linux Mandrake too, i’m sorry
but i want install OpenGL, what i must do ?

In an xterm:

% su root -c “rpmdrake”

Type in ‘Mesa’ and click the ‘Search’ button. If the RPMS are installed then it should return you the results your interested in. Now you can click on the ‘Remove’ button.

Unless you have any applications which depend on Mesa (like xscreensaver) then you should not have any problems.

Good Luck.

Oops, that command should be

% su root -c “rpmdrake-remove”

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