uniform and a big problem


i am using glsl with java since a short time
and fall over an simple variable problem.

//Fragment Shader
uniform sampler2D t0; // my texture

uniform int eec1,eec2,eec3,eec4; // a simple int variable

sampler2D tex[20]; //a set of 2dtextures

int ini=0;

void main(void)

//One Time Init
if (ini==0)
//put the sampler2d in an array

that works perfect,but only when i define the
vars eec1-4 in the fragment shader(static)
(like int eec1=1;) ,
when i want to get eec1-4 over uniform
from the java application the fragment shader wont work.
(its strange… the vars are transmitted,but it seems
to be a problem that glsl wont use external ints in arrays)
//Java Example
int eec1 = gl.glGetUniformLocationARB(program, “eec1”);
gl.glUniform1iARB(eec1, 1);


//when removing // the shader works
//eec1=0; //textur 1
//eec2=1; //textur 2
//eec3=2; //textur 3
//eec4=3; //textur 4

vec4 texel_av=0;
" texel_av += texture2D(tex[eec1] , texCoord)*pow1;
" texel_av += texture2D(tex[eec2] , texCoord)*pow4;
" texel_av += texture2D(tex[eec3] , texCoord)*pow2;
" texel_av += texture2D(tex[eec4] , texCoord)*pow3;


can anybody help me please?