Unhandled signal in divisionErrorHandler() in OpenCL

I have a program that does the following -
- For loop that goes N times
- During each iteration, an array A of size M is initialized to 0’s
- Buffer for A is created and written using clCreateBuffer() and clEnqueueWriteBuffer()
- Then some computation is done with this array and the results are stored for each iteration

The problem here is that for a specific set of inputs, the program crashes during clEnqueueWriteBuffer() after like 30 iterations with the error Unhandled signal in divisionErrorHandler().
I am able to reproduce this issue for the same set of inputs and during the same iteration. I don’t see this for other similar inputs. Not sure what the problem here is.
I am using OpenCL 2.0 on AMD FirePro W9100.

Please assist me in resolving this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regardless of the cause, this is not a correct behavior OpenCL spec-wise. You should consult with AMD’s tech support (this is what premium price on your GPU for).