Unhandled exception: c0000005

Unhandled exception: c0000005
At address: 00000000

this is the mesage i get when i try and run TRIBES 2 it happens as the game is about to start

windows xp pro
400mhz celron
voodoo3 3000 agp
128mbs ram

i really need help with this

i need a simple solution the driver i need the opengl i need

plez plez plez plez
i have a friend runnin an 8mb intel card and it runs fine its really annoyin

I’m pretty sure that WinXP doesn’t ship with an OpenGL driver for your Voodoo3 (since 3dfx is out of business). You can try http://www.voodoofiles.com or http://www.x3dfx.com to find a driver for XP.

Good luck.

just to let all those who helped im gettin rid of the voodoo3 and gettin a gforce2 64mb card

Good, I think you will enjoy the new video card much more.

Just be sure you fully uninstall all the drivers for the voodoo3 before installing the Geforce, and you should be fine! Also make sure you download the newest drivers from Nvidia.com, as the ones that come with the card on the CD are never up to date.

Good luck!