Undefined symbols?

Hey everyone,

I’m kinda new on the OpenGL scene, so bear with me. I was over on the NeHe site, and tried compiling their OSX program. It kept giving me errors like this:
ld: Undefined symbols:

So I figured I hadn’t linked in some libraries, but when I look it only says you need to have two, OpenGL and GLUT, which I have linked in. I tried nm’ing both libraries, and sure enough neither one has those functions. It looks like the documentation is old - what do I have to do to have a correctly compiling program? Points to (functiong) source would be good. Thanks.


Those are NeHe’s own functions. I’m guessing you haven’t included one of the source files in the project.

That’ll do it! Thanks a bunch - I got a GL program working just now, too…

Allow me to recommend the http://www.idevgames.com/ forums as a much better source for Mac OpenGL information.

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